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Inside Lyceum

Web site established Spring, 2017

Wildwood Trail, Forest Park, Portland Oregon. ©Lyceum Of Trees, 2017

This is the administrative and archival part of Lyceum of Trees, not the primary website.

These pages are best viewed through a contemporary browser. They may not work well on a phone or on some tablets. We believe this to be a temporary limitation but Lyceum is dependent on the software developers to make this happen. It might be quite a while.

Lyceum Of Trees, the front page
This is front page of our main website, and the place where you can most easily learn about us.

Lyceum Of Trees discussion forums
We run a set of forums where you can find discussions on a variety of topics from everyday magic to Lyceum events.

Lyceum News, subscription
We also publish an electronic newsletter, Lyceum News, monthly. It has a 3 month calendar of events of interest to pagans in the Portland Metro/Vancouver area, and occasional posts to provide updates on times and locations, or other timely news. This is deliberately low traffic, there are no ads, and you can expect one to maybe as many as six emails each month.

Inside Lyceum, this website, will grow slowly and not approach maturity until mid 2018. In addition to recording the administrivia of the organization, this site will become a repository for materials used in the discussion forums, the classes we offer, and our sabbat and esbat celebrations that mark the Wheel of the Year. We have acquired a large body of material in hardcopy over the last 17 years and it will take some time to transcribe it into web pages.

Inside.Lyceum now has some support for export of its pages to ODT format. these *.odt files can be read by any contemporary word processor. There is a button in the right margin for this. However expect to do a lot of clean-up after export for now. We have been told that the developers are actively hunting down and fixing the bugs.

The Main Menu

It is too soon to have a Main Menu. What follows is provisional.

  • Our Statement of Principles was accepted on July 1 2017, and expresses the core of what Lyceum is all about.
  • The Revised Bylaws were accepted at the General Meeting following our Mabon ritual on September 23, 2017.
  1. About... Descriptions in terms of mission, vision, and values; contact information
  2. Business Governance, minutes of meetings, etc.
  3. Archives Back issues of the newsletter, old administrative documents, etc.
  4. Eventually we expect to offer our Friends of Lyceum and Members personal web pages, perhaps as WordPress pages, but that is a distant future goal at present.
  5. Board of Directors Private Pages If you can see this you are a Board Member.
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