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For more than seven years Lyceum has tried to use one website for all its needs: talking about ourselves to the world in general; talking among ourselves about how to do Lyceum; and archiving our documents —to name just three purposes.

It hasn't worked. Lyceum has been burning out its webmasters with very little to show for it.

This time around we are trying something different: we will use three websites and a new mailing list to do what we have not been able to do with one website.

  1. Lyceum's Website explains who we are and what we do to the world at large. It is a WordPress site, as WordPress is the most successful application that has ever been developed for this purpose.
  2. Lyceum's Forums is an interactive website for discussions. It is an implementation of the MyBB forum software.
  3. Inside Lyceum is this website. It is Lyceum's Back Office, where all the heavy lifting of management is done and all the old stuff is archived.
  4. Additionally, we use the Pro Dada listserver to publish Lyceum News every month. We send out the news at the beginning of the month and sometimes up to 4 or 5 additional notices about things that come up after the newsletter has gone out, or changes or corrections in the Coming Events section. Here is the link to subscribe to our newsletter.
  5. Lyceum once had an active Lyceum Yahoo group but it would not make sense for anyone to join it now, as it is going to go away by September first. If you are on the Yahoo group, please subscribe to the newsletter and join the forums. You will get better service with no ads and with the correct times of meetings.

The Lyceum Statement of Principles

Lyceum of Trees has a Statement of Principles since there is such a diversity of different beliefs among our members that there is no reasonable way to frame a creed or statement of beliefs. Instead there are several principles that each of our members use to guide their individual behaviors. These principles form the basis of a strong community. Please read The Lyceum of trees Statement Of Principles if you are not yet familiar with it. (You can return to this page using the “back” button on your browser or the breadcrumbs in the black bar above the text area.)

Contacting Lyceum

Send email to

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